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Time to think big like are our cousins, the Beagle Boys!
~ Boom-Boom Beagle to her sisters (about being better then the Beagle Boys).

Boom-Boom Beagle is one of the three Beagle Babes, cousins of the Beagle Boys, in DuckTales. She appears in the DuckTales episode "The Good Muddahs" together with her sisters "Bouffant Beagle" [767-171] and "Babydoll Beagle" [776-177].


She has a somewhat ditzy, childlike personality and seems somewhat naive. She can use her "charm" to distract people, so her sisters can rob them. While the Beagle Babes are thieves, they don't seem to be very evil in nature. Boom-Boom and her sisters really started to care about Webby after they kidnap her.


Boom-Boom Beagle along with her sisters Bouffant Beagle and Babydoll Beagle appear in the DuckTales episode Good Muddahs. Where she and her sisters kidnap Webby and hold her for ransom.


  • The character must not be confused with Boom Boom Beagle.
  • Her placard number, "38-22-38," could also be interpreted as her body measurements.

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