The Boogeyman is the true main antagonist from WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 Road to Wrestlemania with The Undertaker and an playable wrestler from the WWE series of wrestling games.


In the story mode of The Undertaker, The Boogeyman also nicknamed The Man is the true main villain that he manipulated Santino Marella and Finlay to be the Nu School, Boogeyman later used his voodoo powers to brainwash Kane, but The Undertaker manages to free his brother from its influence for good, Boogeyman later sends Finlay and Santino to attack Kane and The Undertaker, but when an member of Nu School enters to the ring to help his friend, the match ends by disqualification, The Undertaker and Kane manages to force the Nu School to retreat.

Boogeyman later steals the Mystic Urn and sacrifices Kane with his voodoo stick, The Undertaker later plots to avenge his brother Kane by fighting an member of Nu School in a Ladder Match, in the Handicap match, The Undertaker decides to possess an member of Nu School by turning him into a zombie due to the Mystic Urn and makes him turn him against his partner to win the match.

The brainwashed member of Nu School has lost his ability to talk, Rey Mysterio later defeated the possessed member of Nu School if you let this one win the match, as the member of Nu School was freed from The Undertaker's mind control, Boogeyman betrays his friend by sacrificing him with his voodoo stick.

Boogeyman later tries to destroy The Undertaker, but his voodoo stick has no effect on him because The Undertaker activates his immortality power and confronts Boogeyman in a Hell in a Cell.

The Undertaker was later empowered by The Lightning power in order to defeat Boogeyman, as the match begins, The Undertaker manages to defeat Boogeyman by using his Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Taker summons the druids to seal the Boogeyman to the casket and disappears him in a lightning.


When The Undertaker was a nemesis of the wrestlers, he defeated the true main villain in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 to avenge his brother Kane.