Boodikka First Flight 001


"So they got Boodikka, I'll start alone I end alone."
~ Sinestro after Boodikka's death

Boodikka was a well-known member of the Green Lantern Corps and ally of Sinestro. She was an announced love intrest to Hal Jordan and first member of the pre-Sinestro Corps.

She is the secondary antagonist of the film.


Boodikka was a Green Lantern living on Oath. When the Power Ring was given to Hal Jordan by Abin-Sur, after the was murderd by the criminal Kuch she attempted to bring Hal to Oath togheter with Tomar-Re, Killawog, Chip and Sinestro. The Lantern brought Hal to the Gaurdians which entrusted him to Sinestro. Boodikka was beautyful and seemed romanticlly intrusted in Hal. Hal seemed to have feelings for her. However she was able to look into Hal's brain. She told him the story of the Green and Yellow element and that the terrorist Kanjar-Ro had it. When Sinestro killed Kanjar-Ro and invaded the brain of his corpse, to so find out The Yellow Element lied on Quawrd he was found by Killawog, Hal and Boodikka.

The Betrayal

It got soon revealed that Boodikka betrayed the Lantern Corps and fired a beam of energy at Killawog knocking him out.

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