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Help the babysitter, she says. I say, babies are supposed to stick together! But noooo. Mummy said that I couldn't keep my ray gun if I didn't help the babysitter. How dare she do this to me?!? Nobody messes with the ray gun! Anyway, if you help make this go quicker, I'll make it worth your while.
~ Boochi

Boochi is a Baby Bruce who wields a ray gun that can turn Neopets into babies. Since January 15, 2003, Boochi has been appearing in a Random Events in which he changes the colour of a user's active Neopet to Baby. Also, as of April 16, 2010, Boochi's Random Event no longer affects unconverted Neopets. A visit from Boochi can be seen as either a positive or negative event, depending on whether a user likes or dislikes the Baby colour.

Boochi is also one of the many one-player challenges that can be fought in the Battledome. Users will unlock Boochi in the Battledome after they receive either one of his Random Events.

Boochi is a baby bruce who transform a Neopet to become a cute baby, he appeared on Neopets as a main baby villain. No one is quite certain how to categorise Boochi. This diminutive Bruce has the technology to make Neopets better... at least in his eyes. One zap from his ray gun will transform a Neopet into a sweet little baby. Some see a visit from Boochi as a wonderful gift, while others cringe at the thought and get jumpy with the mere mention of this Bruce. 

As for where Boochi came from, his past is shrouded in deepest secrecy. Scientists at the Chesterpot Institute have been unable to determine the source of his mysterious ray gun, never mind his motivation. Is he the product of a Secret Laboratory project gone wrong? Did he say something snide to a Dark Faerie, or did he ask a favour from a Light Faerie? Perhaps he was once a brilliant scientist who was simply too clever for his own good. After all, someone designed the miniature ray gun that Boochi wields with such glee. Whole books have been filled with theories. We may never know for certain; Boochi's vocabulary nowadays consists mainly of gurgles and wicked laughter, and anyone who tries to get an interview... well, let's just say they never get around to writing a report. 

An encounter with Boochi could happen at any time. He may jump out of a bush and fire his ray gun at you on the way to the market tomorrow, or perhaps he'll never cross your path at all. Either way, you are wished the best of luck regardless of which fate you desire.


Boochi is both loved and hated. The reason for this is that he can turn your active Neopet into the colour baby. While some people would love for their pet to be turned baby, others spend millions on paint brushes and really do not want this to happen. There are two Boochi events, the first one is where he actually turns your pet into a baby, the second is where he misses and nothing happens. Now that all species of pets can be painted baby, including Krawk and Lutari, no pets are totally safe from Boochi. If you get the Boochi random event, you will also get Boochi as a Battledome Challengers.