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Bony-Legs is the antagonistic protagonist in the book Bony-Legs.

She owns a cat, dog and gate whom she sometimes abuses and avoids feeding. They live in a large house on chicken feet in a deep forest. Bony-Legs features in Slavic folklore. She loves to eat children, and her teeth are made of iron.

When a young girl named Sasha is sent by her aunt to get a needle for her mother, she encounters Bony-Legs who invites her into her home tells her to take a bath. When Sasha askes why she is to take a bath, Bony-Legs reveals her desire to eat Sasha, locks her in the bathroom and leaves for a short time. Realizing she's in danger, Sasha cries out of fear, waiting for Bony-Legs to return until Sasha is rescued by the witch's cat, dog and gate whom Sasha had feed on her way to the house, giving her objects to help her escape Bony-Legs. When Bony-Legs returns, she is furious in discovering what has happened and when she askes her pets why they allowed Sasha to run off, they reveal how she abused and avoided to feed them as Sasha had. Bony-Legs chases after Sasha, only to be defeated by Sasha using the objects given to her. Sasha outruns Bony-Legs and they both return to their homes.