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Bonnie is an original character and one of the main protagonists in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC, and a main character and later minor antagonist (determinant) in Season Two.

Villainous Acts

  • Accidentally hits Dee in the face with piece of rabar, resulting in her death.
  • Lied to Leland about how Dee died another way (Determiant).
  • Lies to Clementine and her group, saying she needs food and then Walter gives her a box of supplies. She then returns with William Carver, Johnny and Troy to take the group hostage. This results in the deaths of Walter and possibly even Alvin.
  • Puts pressure on Clementine to handle situations regardless of what they might be.
  • (Determined) Causes the ice Luke is on to break by trying to save him, despite him telling her and Clementine to stay back due to the extra weight. Also tries to make Clementine put herself in danger for him by doing this in her stead as she is "light". Will also cruely blame Celemntine for Luke's death if she chooses to shoot the walkers to buy Luke time in lue of pulling him from the water. This final act will include harsh, ruthless insults and stating that no one ever depends on Clem as she is a kid, even though Bonnie is always asking Clem to do things for her.
  • Attempts to rob Clementine and her group alongside Mike and Arvo then attempted to steal the truck so they can get away from Kenny. Will also try to abandon Clementine if she gets shot.


400 Days DLC

Bonnie was a drug addict before the zombie apocalypse. This is confirmed when she is talking to Leland at the beginning of her story, where the player can choose what they want to say. Dee, Leland's wife, is clearly not happy about them together. They question where Dee got an apparent bag of supplies, followed by a heated argument, to where they are chased by Roman's group. Bonnie is shot in the shoulder, slowing her down and separating her from Leland and Dee. Bonnie follows them distantly into a cornfield, where Bonnie is forced to defend herself against an unknown assailant with a rebar. The assailant turns out to be Dee, who has been bashed in the face beyond help. Dee then subconsiously confesses her hatred to Bonnie as she is dying. Regardless of what the player says, she dies. Leland then shows up, to where the player can convince him to escape. When Leland follows Bonnie, he takes the bag that Dee stole, saying that she didn't die for nothing. If Leland did stay behind, a shot can be heard while Bonnie runs away.

Bonnie is later seen at the campsite with Vince, Russell, Wyatt, Shel, and Becca when a woman named Tavia shows up and offers them a safe haven. Bonnie believes she is harmless and agrees that the safe haven sounds like a good idea. Becca can comment that just because Bonnie always tells the truth, depending on if she lied to Leland or not, doesn't mean everyone else can.

Regardless of the decisions made in Bonnie's story, she will ultimately decide to go with Tavia to the safe haven, either alone, with a few of the group, or all of them. Bonnie stands beside Vince as he throws their photos into the fire. Bonnie says to Vince and the others, "This is a good thing. I know it is."

Season 2

Bonnie first appears looking inside the ski lodge scouting, but she is then spotted by Kenny, Clementine and Walter. They ask her what she is doing, and Bonnie tells them that she comes from a small group that is starving and needs food for her "little girl". Walter gives her a generous box of food and lets her on her way.

She then comes back with Johnny, Troy, and Carver and they hold Clementine's group hostage. She is then recognized by Walter and with a sad look on her face tells him, "keep moving". She assists Carver's group in ordering Carlos, Walter, Sarita, and Nick (Determinant) inside the ski lodge to get the rest of the group out. She and the others are shocked to see that Johnny gets killed, which results in them being witnesses to Walter being executed, to Bonnie's surprise. Eventually, they manage to get the entire group out and take them to their community.


  • Bonnie is the second character from the "400 Days" DLC to appear in Season 2, the first being Roman.
    • She is also the first one alive that encounters Clementine.
    • Since she was not seen with Tavia, Vince, Russell, Wyatt, Shel and Becca, their fates are unknown.
    • She is the first character in the Video Game who was first a protagonist/playable character and is then becoming an antagonist.
  • Bonnie and Molly share some similarities:
    • Both are voiced by Erin Yvette
    • Both are/were living in a community
    • Both encounter Clementine and Kenny
    • Both indirectly killed a member of the original group. In Molly's case, she indirectly caused Chuck getting separeted from Lee's group and getting killed by walkers and in Bonnie's case, she indirectly caused Walter and Alvin (Determinant) getting executed by Carver.


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