"This feels good! I'll keep on shooting until everything is smashed into pieces!!" ―Bongan Bongan is the Action Commander sent to lead the second wave of attack on Earth.


As the armada arrived, he was sent down along with dozens of Zgormin and hundreds of Gormin. Bongan started to open fire on buildings while his Gormin gunned down and attacked civilians with their clubs. At the time of this attack, Captain Marvelous decided to test a young boy who took his Shinken Red Ranger Key. The boy fought off several Gormin but was swiftly defeated by Bongan. The trigger happy Action Commander fired at some vehicles when he and his guard was confronted by the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Bongan was curious as to what they wanted, Marvelous just said that they happened to be looking for something. After a battle with the Gormin, they were attacked by a trio of Zgormin that were quickly destroyed via Final Wave.


  • Despite being the second Action Commander, Bongan is the first Action Commander to be grown after he is defeated, as Shikabanen wasn't grown.
  • His design is reminiscent of Vilgax, one of the primary antagonist of the Ben 10 series