Bone Saw is READY!
~ Bone Saw

Bone SawMcGraw is a minor antagonist in the first Spider-Man movie. He is portrayed by late professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.


Bone Saw is a champion in wrestling and Peter Parker signs up to fight him so he can get a thousand quid to get himself a car so Mary Jane will like him. Bone Saw is so strong and brutish that nobody has defeated him. The Flying Dutchman goes to fight Bone Saw but gets thrown right onto a table.

Bone SawMcGraw is Peter's contestant in the three minute match. Bone Saw challenges Peter when Peter yells at guards that there's no way he signed for a cage match. Bone Saw tells Peter he's going nowhere, and then charges. But Peter jumps onto the cage walls with his spider powers.

Bone Saw then grabs at Peter but the Spider-Man jumps round avoiding him until Bone Saw pummels him with a chair - then his hands, then finally a metal pole - Peter is almost knocked out but he manages to use his spider sense to arm himself and he pummels Bone Saw in the jaw, breaking his nose and then knocking him out winning the match.

Peter only gets one hundred, despite the promised thousand.