The Bomber was an unnamed cackling madman who appeared as the main antagonist of the 1936 cartoon "The Blowout" where he was committing random acts of terrorism via planting explosives near buildings he appeared to pick at random from a map within his secret lair.

Yet The Bomber did not count on a helpful Porky Pig, who believed the Bomber's time-bomb (shaped like a clock) was lost and continually tried to return it to the Bomber: who fled in horror each time.

Eventually passing police spot the Bomber and give chase only to be barred when he locks himself away in his secret lair - only for the Bomber to burst out of his lair in horror as Porky Pig has once again manifested with the ticking bomb.

As the Bomber surrenders, leaping in a police van, Porky Pig - still oblivious to what was going on - tosses the bomb in after the Bomber, returning the "clock", the bomb proceeds to explode comically as the van races off, most likely to jail.


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The Blow Out 1936