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BomberNanimon (DATS)
BomberNanimon is a minor villain in Digimon Saver (The Japanese version of Digimon Data Squad).


BomberNanimon is a Champion Level Digimon that resembles a black version of Nanimon. BomberNanimon doesn't have a goatie and his hair is flaming red.

Digimon Savers

BomberNanimon made only one appearance, attacking an amusement park during Chika's birthday. Touma called out Gaomon and Digivolved to Gaogamon. He proved to be a powerful Digimon. Goagamon manage to toss BomberNanimon into the sky and defeating him by blowing up one his own bombs.


  • Bomber
  • OYAJI Punch


  • In the English Version BomberNanimon was changed into Citramon due to PC-concerns

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