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Bomb Guy

You'll owe me more than that if you want my protection, detey.
~ Bomb guy

The Bomb Guy is a Silly Symphony-style bomb that is an antagonist for The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Lesson." He is one of the bad Elmore Junior High kids at detention. The reason to why he got punished is unknown. As shown in a clip, he seems to be the leader of the bad kids. When Gumball Watterson asked who they needed protection from, the Bomb Guy responded by grinning evilly and saying "Me!", lighting the fuse on his head. His henchmen are a Pink Bear, a Hand, a Rotten Cupcake, and a Rat.

He made other appearances in "The Finale," where he was among the angry mob attacking the Wattersons, in "The Question," where he and Pink Bear destroyed Alan's lemonade stand, and were about to beat Gumball and Darwin, but quickly left and reappears as the main antagonist of "The Weirdo", in which he and his friends bully Suzie over her strange appearence, although she (quite literally) takes no notice.


He is very mean and sinister, just like Jamie. He is the leader of the bad kids, and likes to pick on and abuse newcomers. He refers to his detention slaves as "deteys." He made Gumball and Darwin steal some items from Principal Brown's office. He is the smartest of the bad kids as he was the only one that was trying to escape while the others were beating each other up senselessly. He is shown to be short tempered as well, as when he is angered the fuse on his head is light up and he explodes. He sounds like Alan after his head is blown. He even likes to be destructive as seen in "The Question," where he destroys Alan's lemonade stand before he beat him.


  • He is seemingly a parody of Mickey Mouse and other black and white characters.


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