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Bolbox is the main antagonist and final boss of the SNES game E.V.O, search for Eden.He plots to destroy every creature on the World, marry Gaia and become an evil ruler.


Bolbox has consumed too many power crystals and believes himself to be the first human on Earth, but is actually just a gargantuan one-celled organism. He also believes himself to be the strongest creature of all. The crystals made him evolve into a freakish and evil advanced being who can control other creatures and use them for his evil purposes. At the end of the game, the player and Bolbox fight to determine who's the most suitable partner for Gaia. During the battle, he will summon lots of creatures to aid him in battle using the crystals. When Bolbox runs out of crystals, he will be defenseless and the player will be able to defeat him. When Bolbox is defeated, the world will be freed from his evil influence ,and he fades into nothingness. The player can then be Gaia's partner.

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