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Bojack is an alien tyrant and the main villain from the Dragon Ball Z movie, Bojack Unbound. He is the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers.

Personality and Appearance


Bojack's pleasure in dominating his opponents.

Bojack has a bloodthirsty personality, watching his crew defeat several with a smile on his face. He is capable of getting caught up in the rush of battle, as seen when he kills Zangya simply because she was in his way of battling Gohan. He is rather sadistic, gaining great pleasure in dominating victims. He is also very arrogant, as his name suggests, firmly believing he can win any battle and enjoying all moments of praise he attains from anybody.

Bojack and his crew were designed by Akira Toriyama, the original manga author, for Toei's theatrical production. Toriyama's designs can be seen in Daizenshuu 6. Bojack is depicted as having a muscular build, and resembles something of a gypsy-pirate. His skin is colored teal, his long hair is orange and he has a long scar scaling his face.

Bojack has a maximum-power transformation which renders his skin chartreuse, his hair red and his muscle mass increased over the top (a trait which numerous foes encountered in Dragon Ball possess). His outfit is also shredded by the transformation.


Bojack by feeh05051995-d6n1w7w

Bojack's 2nd Form

Bojack was at some point, sealed away inside a star by the Kais after they saw how dangerous he was and his desire to conquer the universe.

After King Kai's planet was destroyed by Cell's self destruction attack, the seal holding Bojack where he was was broken and he escaped. He then found his way to Earth by tracking the energy caused by the Cell Games, accompanied by his crew, Bido, Bujin, Kogu, and Zangya. Upon arriving, Bojack secretly took control of a martial arts tournament being held by a billionaire named X.S. Cash, so as to wipe out anyone who could challenge him. He sent his men to take the place of the fighters meant to fight the finalists, then went to wait in a ruined city. Later, when the Z Fighters got wise to his plans and went to challenge him, Bojack watched while his minions took on and managed to defeat them. After Gohan was brought to his knees, Bojack prepared to finish him off with one of his attacks, Grand Smasher, only for Piccolo to arrive and deflect it with his Special Beam Cannon. They proceeded to fight and Piccolo found himself quickly defeated, but before Bojack could deliver the final blow, Trunks fired a barrage of energy blasts at him. However this had no effect, since Bojack erected an energy shield around himself. He then took on a newly arrived Super Saiyan Vegeta whom he also defeated and he then decided to enter his maximum power form.


Bearhug (different angle)

Bojack and his minions then attacked Gohan and managed to pummel the boy. Although Mr. Satan is able to not only cause a distraction, but also save Gohan from being killed by a move from Bido, Gohan is still no match, and gets pummeled and dominated until he is smashed into a building. Bojack then picks up Gohan and gives him a satisfying bearhug, sadistically laughing and preparing to squeeze him to death, as a way of thanking Goku for his part in freeing him and his minions. After a wait, Gohan passes out from the power of Bojack's bearhug. Just as the space tyrant was about to

Bojack's infamous bearhug.

crush him, Goku, no longer able to watch such brutality, made a brief reappearance and catches the powerful brute off gaurd by punching Bojack in the face, having broken the rules of death briefly. With the encouragement from his father, Gohan then transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and easily destroyed both Bido and Bujin. Bojack sacrificed his last minion, the fearful Zangya, whom he used as a distraction so as to fire an energy blast through her at Gohan (though did so with a very sadistic and insane look on his face). He dodged this and landed a punch right through Bojack's stomach, when the tyrant attempted to hit him head on. Bojack attempted to finish Gohan with his most powerful attack, the Galactic Buster, which the half-Saiyan countered with his Super Kamehameha. When these attacks collided, it created an explosion that the two fighters rushed at each other through. Gohan managed to finally defeat Bojack with one final punch, destroying him.


Super Bojack

Bojack in his second form

Bojack has superhuman abilities and the power to manipulate energy in the form of energy blasts and flight, as well as a shield called the Psycho Barrier. He can also use a technique called Power Guard; in which he wraps his body in Ki to protect him from damage. He can also enter his more powerful transformation, which is often referred to as Super Bojack. In this form, his strength is greatly increased far beyond that of even a Full-Power Super Saiyan. He was able to toss aside Vegeta and Trunks (both in their Super Saipan forms) quite easily. His notable techniques include: The Grand Smasher; A big, bright-green energy sphere that can also be fired as a large blast, Chaotic Tyrant; a physical move in which Bojack right-hooks the opponent, and proceeds with a Double Axe Handle. Next, he kicks the opponent in the air and finishes with a left hook kick away. Dirty Criminal; in which Bojack teleports behind the opponent, pushes the opponent forward and fires a Grand Smasher through them. He uses this attack to execute Zangya for displaying fear, as well as out of desperation. Galactic Blow; in which Bojack flies toward the opponent as he charges a Grand Smasher in his hand. He places the Grand Smasher over the opponent's chest and causes it to explode, blasting the opponent away and inflicting a great deal of damage. Galactic Tyrant; where Bojack charges at the opponent and elbows them. He then catches them by their leg and throws them up into the air. Next, he moves up in the air and punches the opponent twice before grabbing and them on their head. Finally, Bojack teleports to the opponent and upside down kicks them down to the ground. And finally, his ultimate technique, The Galactic Buster. It Is the most powerful version of Bojack's Grand Smasher. To use it, he puts his hands together in front of himself and charges a large Grand Smasher. Then, he spreads his arms out at his sides, splitting the single sphere into two, and finally throws his hands downward to fire the energy spheres in the form of two energy waves at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Power Level

His power level in his Super Bojack (also known as a Full Power Hera-Seijin) is theorized to be around Perfect Cell's level. And Perfect Cell's power level is listed as 900,000,000 (or 1,079,956,055 in a Special Mission). So it could be most likely this or possibly even higher to touch the low billions section.


  • Bojack's name is derived from bōjakubujin, which is a Japanese word that means arrogance or audacity.
  • His power is around Perfect Cell's, since he was no match for Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 form.


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