Boggis, Bunce, and Bean one fat, one short, one lean. Those horrible crooks so different in looks are nonetheless equally mean.
~ A popular children's song that reflects their nature

Walter "Walt" Boggis, Nate Bunce, and Frank Bean (also known as Boggis, Bunce, and Bean) are the three main antagonists of the book and film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. After Mr. Fox steals from their farms, Bean calls a meeting between the three and plans to obliterate Mr. Fox and his family. Bean is shown to be leader of the group as well as the most intimidating and the overall main antagonist.



Walt Boggis is a chicken farmer, probably the most successful in the world. He weighs the same as a young rhinoceros. He eats three chickens every day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. That's twelve in total per diem.
~ Badger about Boggis

Walt Boggis tends to extremely hate Mr. Fox due to his constant theft of his chickens, which the foxes seem to like.


Nate Bunce is a duck and goose farmer. He's about the size of a pot-bellied dwarf, and his chin would be under the shallow end of any swimming pool on the planet. His food is homemade donuts with mashed-up goose livers injected into them.
~ Badger about Bunce

Nate Bunce's food, possibly because of the goose livers, gives him a horrible temper, meaning he is constantly angry.


Frank Bean is a turkey and apple farmer. He invented his own species of each. He lives on a diet of strong alcoholic cider which he makes from his apples. He's as skinny as a pencil, as smart as a whip, and possibly the scariest man currently living.
~ Badger about Bean

Frank Bean never bathes or washes at all; with the result that he smells and his ears are all clogged up with wax and dirt and such things.




  • Bean was voiced by Micheal Gambon in the movie and the other two were voiced by Hugo Guiness (Bunce) and Robert Hurlstone (Boggis)