"I'm the Bogeyman and I eat evil little mutant freaks like you for breakfast!"

Bogeyman is a Marvel comics super-villain and primarily an enemy of Power Pack, he is an unrelenting bigot who sees all mutants as evil yet has always been a cruel and violent individual himself, to the point he regularly tries to torture and kill innocent children.

Originally a normal human Bogeyman would be transformed into a demon during the events of Inferno and continued his crusade against mutants, still intent on killing them for being "freaks" despite his own status resembling a monster.

Bogeyman is known for committing hate crimes but his two worst crimes have been when he captured the Power Pack parents and forced the Power Pack to reveal their powers to said parents, causing major psychological trauma - he then proceeded to drag the parents around a hellish New York during Inferno and nearly killed them.

Bogeyman's second worst crime was when he manipulated a young mutant girl, kidnapping her and firebombing her home before planning to sell her to demons.

As a demon Bogeyman is a living sponge capable of absorbing vast amounts of damage, prior to being a demon he used to work for the Right and had numerous power-suits : he is also an utterly ruthless criminal with no qualms about harming (and even killing / torturing) young children.