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The Bog Roosh, a mermaid-witch from Hellboy: The Third Wish. Three mermaids capture Hellboy for her in exchange for a wish for each. When Hellboy is lost at sea, the mermaids capture him and drive a nail into one of his horns that keeps him alive underwater, and traps him in the Bog Roosh's cave. The first mermaid wishes to be reunited with her lover. The Bog Roosh informs

her that said lover is dead, then raises him as a zombie; he promptly attacks and kills the mermaid. The second mermaid wishes for legs and lungs, so she can be united with the human she loves. The Bog Roosh grants this immediately; as they're at the bottom of the ocean, the ex-mermaid drowns. The third mermaid wishes for a lost spear, so she can return it to the grave of her father. The Bog Roosh hands over the spear, and the mermaid safely swims away to deliver it.

The Bog Roosh then explains to Hellboy that she plans to kill him to prevent him from causing the apocalypse.  However, the third mermaid sister, feeling remorse for capturing Hellboy, frees him.  The Bog Roosh plans to torture her to death with shades of her dead sisters pulling her down, but Hellboy helps her.  In the process, they discover the Bog Roosh's treasure chamber where she keeps the souls of drowned sailors in jars - Davy Jones' locker.  In the last fight with Hellboy, the Bog Roosh is killed, freeing the captured souls.  As she dies, however, she passes her power on to the mermaid making her the new Bog Roosh as revenge.  The mermaid frees Hellboys, planning to wait patiently for the end of the world with the ghost of her father.

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