Helghast Bodyguards are elite soldiers of the Helghast Third Army and are one of the antagonist sub-factions in Killzone. The Bodyguards are elite soldiers whose main goal is to protect and defend major military officers/commanders and major strategic military positions. They will often fight to the death in order to complete their objectives and are more dangerous than Elite Soldiers.



Helghast Bodyguards show up in Killzone where they are soldiers of the Helghast Third Army and are under the command of General Joseph Lente. Bodyguards are seen with heavy duty, slick armor with a heavy duty helmet with the iconic red glowing eyes glows. Often times, they would raise their helmet to reveal their goggles and would only occur on a rare occasion since the helmet helped resist bullets and other gunfire from ISA troops and Vektan Security Forces alike. Bodyguards pose a greater threat thsn that of other Helghast soldiers like Elite and Assault Troops and are better armed and trained. Helghast Bodyguards are seen guarding anf protecting GeneralAdams, the ISA Traitor who allowed the Helghast Military to invade Vekta.

Killzone: Liberation

By the start of Killzone: Liberation, all bodyguards have had their command transferedd over the General Armin Metrac following the death of General Lente. General Metrac had altered the Bodyguards by a large margin giving them new electirc batons and even riot shields to deal with new situations. They were also given new gear, body armor and other resources that make them one of the hardest bosses in the game. Instead of protecting Officers, the Bodyguards defend Helghast Military Bases, Positions, Prisons and other areas of operation with strategic military value to the Helghasts.


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