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For the original film version of the character from 1991 see here.

Bodhi is the main antagonist of the 2015 movie remake of Point Break. He is the leader of an extreme sports athletes group that making international big crimes as well he is the archenemy of FBI Agent Johnny Utah.

He is portrayed by Edgar Ramirez who also played Ares in Wrath of Titans.


He is a charismatic and manipulative man with great physical strength, figthing and firearm skills, he's also a skilled gunman and extreme sports athlete.

Point Break (2015)

Early life

Born in Venezuela Bodhi got into contact with the extreme sports athlete Onno Osaki and learned from his quest to complete 8 ordeals to honor the forces of nature. His philosophy was that anyone who could find the perfect line through each of these ordeals would achieve Nirvana.  Bodhi was on the boat with Onno Osaki after he completed his third ordeal. Osaki wanted  to stop a whale hunting ship from killing whales. However the whale hunter ran over the boat of Osaki and killed him. Bodhi was able to survive and committed himself to complete the 8 ordeals in order to show that the world that they have to change their ways in order to save the planet.

He formed a team with fellow extreme athletes: Roach, Chowder and Grommet and became determined to complete all 8 ordeals. They are sponsored and backed up financially by Pascal Al Fariq, a wealthy playboy. 

Emerging Force

In Congo at the Inga falls Bodhi and his team burned down an international logging complex and navigated Inga waters, successfully completing their first ordeal. 

Birth of Sky

Bodhi and his team climbed the Mount Everest and then went down by base jumping, successfully completing the second ordeal. 

Awakening Earth

2 days later in Mumbai they invaded a skyscraper with motorcycles. Wearing masks and using weaponry they robbed the diamond storing facility at the upper level. To avoid police intervention they drove through the windows and parachuted away, while doing so they threw the diamonds in the slums for the poor population living there, successfully completing the third ordeal.

Life of Water

The team traveled to France on the boat of Al Fariq. A partying crowd of athletes and surfers in attendance they prepared to surf some of the enormous waves that have appeared there. Bodhi made his way to one of the waves but someone else tries to surf it as well. Bodhi surfed the wave but the other surfer got sucked in and Bodhi bailed the wave in order to save the other surfer from drowning. The other surfer recovered and they learned he is Johny Utah, an extreme sports motorcyclist. They are a bit skeptical about his abilities but Bodhi mentioned it was his choice to save him and not complete the wave. The others stay hostile to Utah. Bodhi showed Utah around and told him Al Fariq is their sponsor. He left Utah behind at the party and attend to some urgent matters. 

The next morning Bodhi spoke to Utah and told him that when he tried to surf the wave there was no beauty in it and he lacked respect. Bodhi wondered what Utah was after and later he learned that Utah was FBI. 

The next day Bodhi and his team are present in an abandoned train station in Paris where there are bare knuckle fights. Utah was also present and the two engaged in a fight. After beating down Utah Bodhi talked to him and mentioned that he blamed Utah that he had made the loss of his friend change the direction of his life. After their talk, Bodhi accepted Utah and invited him to join them to the Alps. 

Life of Wind

With Utah joining them the group prepared to basejump of the Alps. They had a short discussion in which they mentioned everyone will die but the question that matters is how. Bodhi spoke with Utah and mentioned that the eight ordeals are made to turn the attention of the people back to the beauty of the planet. The people will have to learn to respect the forces of nature and prevent the planet from dying. In this way the ordeals would make them part of something bigger instead of just seeking a thrill or gaining personal gain. The group jumped down the mountain and maneuvered through the rocks. All members landed safely and the complete the fourth ordeal. 

After completing the ordeal the others began to accept Utah as one of their own. 

The group got to a mountain cavern where they met their team member Samsara. They spend some days together. Bodhi and Utah talked and Bodhi mentioned how the death of the friend of Utah was tragic but it was his path. One can only be responsible for ones' own path and should let others have theirs. 

Life of Ice

The group gets to Italy where they get dropped on the snowy mountain range. As the group decided which line to take Utah suggested a highly dangerous line as he believed it to be more beautiful. The team managed to complete the line however Utah keeps going. The group followed him but Chowder lost control and fell to his death. Utah is horrified as he realized he initiated the line. Bodhi stopped him and told him that it was Chowder his own choice to follow him. The group had a feast to celebrate their success and remember their fallen comrade. 

The next morning Bodhi, Utah and his team went to a goldmine. Utah was surprised as Bodhi announced they would destroy the mine. During the operation the team engaged the guards of the mine in a firefight and the vehicle carrying Utah crashed. As they planted the explosions Bodhi was about to leave when Utah revealed himself as FBI and told him to not blow the explosives. Bodhi paused and then blew up the explosives creating a huge rockslide. He then fled by motorcycle but got chased by Utah. Both of them crashed in a river. Utah climbed out of the river and pointed his gun at Bodhi. Bodhi told him he already knew he was a cop but let him in to save him. As Bodhi drove away a frustrated Utah emptied his gun in the air. 

Bank robbery in Italy

The finances of their sponsors frozen Bodhi, Samsara and the team used motorcycles to rob a bank in Italy. They ended up cornered by the cops joined by Utah and some FBI agents. As the cops opened fire Bodhi and his crew engaged them in a firefight. During the fight Roach got killed and Bodhi and Samsara escaped. Bodhi waited for Samsara at the train station but Utah showed up and Bodhi realized that Samsara had fallen.

Master of 6 Lives

Bodhi and Grommet went to Venezuela to perform Master of Six Lives, vertical rock climbing next to a waterfall without rope. Grommet mentioned he did not see the line and was not following Bodhi in this ordeal. However as Utah followed them he agreed to follow Bodhi. The two climbed the huge rock wall. As Grommet lost his grip Bodhi encouraged him to keep going, however Grommet said goodbye and then fell to his death. Bodhi kept going and reached the top.

Act of Ultimate Trust

Utah managed to reach the top as well and confronted Bodhi about the crimes he had committed and how he had not achieved anything. Bodhi managed that this might be true but he was not done yet. Bodhi then let himself fall backward off the waterfall. Utah tried to grab him but fell down as well. Both men survived the fall and Bodhi escaped. 

Finishing Life of Water

17 months later Bodhi found another immense swell on the pacific and used a boat to bring himself to the enormous waves. Utah boarded his boat out of a chopper and told him he wanted to stop him as he would never survive those waves. Bodhi mentioned that dying while completing his last ordeal would be beautiful. Utah silently agreed and both men shook hands a final time. Utah took off with the helicopter while Bodhi went to the waves. Taking off on his surfboard he let out a roar and then surfed the immense wave. As Utah watched on the wave collided over him and he seemingly got dragged to the bottom of the ocean and drowned. 


He is a charismatic ,manipulative ,and sophisticated man. Bodhi is deeply spiritual and philosophical. His time with Osaki and witnessing his death have convinced him of his philosophy of the eight ordeals. He mentioned that the eight ordeals are a way of honoring the forces of nature. By completing the eight ordeals they can bring the attention of the people back to the planet. By performing the eight ordeals he wanted to save the planet by becoming on with it, getting into a zen-like state which allowed them to perform the extremely dangerous stunts they do.

Bodhi does not care much about society and their rules, he wants to live on his own terms. He mentioned that instead of lines and boundaries he only sees the truth. Bodhi mentioned that each man should be free to chose their own goals, he blamed Utah for letting the death of his friend change his life. He cares deeply about his goals and probably the thrills of the experiences so much that he is willing to die for them. At certain points he was willing to kill police officers when they tried to arrest him. 

Enjoying the risks attached to their lifestyle he allowed Utah to join their group even though he knew he was FBI. He considered Utah a brother even when Utah turned against him as he believed Bodhi was going to far. 

Not giving anything about personal gain or glory he lives a pretty anonymous lifestyle and even in the extreme sports community not a lot of people know him.

Multiple times he refers to the ordeals and the line going through them as beautiful. When performing his last ordeal he knew fully well he would never survive the waves. However he considered it beautiful that he would go out while performing the final ordeal. 


Bodhi is an exceptionally skilled extreme sports athlete, who is in incredible physical shape and mental strength.

  • He is enormously skilled at: rafting, base-jumping, sky diving, rock climbing, vehicular driving, parachuting, marksmanship and surfing.
  • He was the only person able to accomplish completing all the 8 ordeals. A near impossible feat as an athlete can train his or her entire life to maybe complete just one ordeal.
  • Bodhi can design complicated plans to perform ordeals and pull off crimes.
  • Perhaps his most powerful tool is his mind, as he was able to stay perfectly calm and act with full efficiency even while facing sudden death.


  • He is a criminal, just like the original version and everyone knew that in the FBI, even Utah.

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