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Bodega Bay Inn

Bodega Bay Inn

The Bodega Bay Inn is the main mansion of the Puppet Master since 1939. It's located in Bodega Bay, California.


The Bodega Bay Inn is where a number of events happen in the Puppet Master franchise. The first scene of the first film opens at the Inn, showing the great Puppet Master Andre Toulon caring for his animated puppets. It is later revealed he is hiding there from the Nazis, who eventually find him, though not before he can kill himself to keep the secret of life from them. Interestingly, almost all of the first and second film take place exclusively there. Although it is never stated in the films exactly why Toulon chose this particular inn, the short-lived comic series by Eternity Comics does give an answer. The Inn is now owned by the man, named Robert Toulon, The Great Grandson of The Puppet Master, Andre Toulon.

People who lived there

  • Andre Toulon
  • Alex Whitaker
  • Camille Kenney
  • Rick Myers
  • Dana Hadley
  • Megan Gallagher
  • Carissa Stamford
  • Frank Forrester
  • Theresa
  • Carolyn Bramwell
  • Michael Kenney
  • Patrick Bramwell
  • Wanda
  • Lance
  • Eric Weiss (Peter Hertz)
  • Danny Coogan


  • Puppet Master
  • His Unholy Creation
  • The Demon
  • The Final Chapter
  • The Legacy
  • Axis of Evil


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