Boby Psicótico

Boby's shirt is always bloodstained... always bloodstained... always bloodstained...
~ Boby's music sung by the narrator.

Boby Psicótico (Psychotic Boby) is a recurring villain from Brazilian Flash animation site Mundo Canibal, who is the protagonist of own series of shorts.

Boby is a juvenile delinquent who appears to be in college. He always walks with a bloody shirt, has giant teeth and bloodshot eyes of madness. His best friend (if not the only, although Boby hate him body and soul) is Gayzinho, an effeminate gay boy as his name suggests. In almost every episode Gayzinho asks Boby to help him carry on some task such as homework, shave, among many other things, but Boby instead of helping him tortures him by cutting parts of his body with knives, scissors, blades, among many other harmful objects.

Boby always manages to torture and kill people and is never punished for his actions, except for Sr. Donizildo, who often expelled the boy from his home because he considered him a bad influence on his daughter Donizete, who is is Boby's girlfriend.


  • Boby Psicótico - Boby sticks Gayzinho's eye with a pencil.
  • Boby Psicótico 2 - Boby cuts Gayzinho's arm with scissors.
  • The Boby Psicótico's girlfriend - Boby steals Gayzinho's girlfriend (Donizete) and cuts his legs with his own hands.
  • The Boby Psicótico Christmas to Gayzinho - Boby presents Gayzinho with a wheelchair (after cutting his legs in the previous episode) and pushes him doing grate the skull on the ground.
  • Boby's Halloween - Two children visit Boby's house and he kills them.
  • Boby Psicótico - Gayzinho Returns -
  • Filled Wafer - Boby bitchslaps Gayzinho.
  • Boby Psicótico's Barber Shop - Gayzinho asks Boby to shave him, but Boby removes half of his face with a shaver.
  • Black Teletubbie - Boby dresses in a black Teletubbie costume and sells cotton candy. However, he impales the children with the candy sticks and sells them instead.
  • Boby Psicótico and GayStart Band - Boby assaults an Emo band, killing all of their members.
  • Boby Psicótico in Anime Fair - Boby goes to an Anime convention and starts assaulting various cosplayers. Pastor Metralhadora, who was cosplaying Seiya, decides to punish him but gives up after Boby offers him money.