There can only be one.
~ Bobert before attempting to kill Gumball

Bobert is a Supporting Character in the Amazing World of Gumball. He is voiced by Kerry Shale.

There was one episode in which he is the main antagonist and that episode was "The Robot", but this was not the only episode in which he is the villain. He felt like he wanted to be a real boy, but did something that was truly evil, stealing Gumball's identity and replacing him. Gumball and Darwin fought him in the backyard, but Bobert seemed to gain the advantage on both of them, and just when he was about to kill a weak Gumball (proved when he said to him "There can only be one"), the water from the sprinkler poured on the robot, short-circuiting him. Bobert eventually came to, and tried to plea with Gumball not to reboot him, but the coaxing did not work and he eventually got rebooted. Later, after the episode at the end scene, he stole Darwin's identity, proven when he imitated him.

He is the secondary antagonist of the episode "The Club" were, along with Ocho, helps out Frank and Bean in putting a cruel viral video into Elmore Stream-It when Gumball refused to join their club, the Reject Club. He turns into a giant robot again in order to stop Gumball, Darwin, and Anais from advancing further to the Elmore Junior High computer, where the Wattersons were planning to delete the video, but he is quickly foiled by Anais when she creates an electrical charge in order to render Bobert immobile. His fate is that along with the rest of the club members, Bobert was dropped off at the mall naked.

Take note that out of all the minor characters that were villains in the show, Bobert seems to be the most evil. Even Carrie and Tobias stopped what they were doing before it got completely out of hand. However, Bobert's actions were simply because he wanted acceptance and is not a villain in other episodes even trying to teach Gumball how to use the internet, though he had to "reboot" Gumball because his brain could not handle all the information the internet had.