Bobby Terry is one of the villains of the 1994 Stephen King Horror Thriller, The Stand.

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He is a somewhat paranoid and kind of a stupid member of Flagg's society, among the men who Flagg places at several outposts surrounding Las Vegas to intercept and kill Free Zone spy Judge Farris. The sentries are also ordered to not "mark the head" as Flagg wishes to send it back to the Free Zone before winter. Bobby Terry and Dave Roberts are placed at an outpost close to a dam. One rainy day while Terry is distracted by a comic book, he barely sees the Judge race by in the Scout that Randall Flagg told them to look for. In the time it takes to rouse Roberts, the Judge has already gained a lead on them. When Terry and Roberts catch up to the Judge, Terry cannot make a straight face, forcing Roberts to perform the deed himself. As Roberts pretends to be nice long enough to shake Judge Farris' hand, Farris sees Terry in the car, holding a rifle and smiling like a freak. As the Judge attempts to pull his gun, Roberts gut-shoots him. However, before Roberts can finish the job, Terry (unnecessarily) fires from the car, accidentally shooting Roberts through the neck. Terry and the wounded Farris exchange shots until Terry scores a kill with two direct hits to the face, leaving it unidentifiable. Terry panics over what to do, eventually deciding to head south. However, Flagg (who observed all of this in the guise of a crow) attacks and slowly kills Terry.

In the miniseries, Terry is portrayed by Sam Raimi, while Roberts is portrayed by John Dunbar. The Judge drives by them while they are playing cards, and Terry wins. Some of Terry's traits are given to Roberts, and the only hint of his lower intelligence is that Roberts, at one point, calls him a "sausage brain".