Bobby Shaw Carver portrayed by Erik Fones along with his brother,Billy
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Bobby Shaw Carver.

Hall Carver,run the QG bar in the horror movie Carver.

The movie is set in the backwoods town of Halcyon Ridge, location of the detour taken by campers Pete, Bryan, Rachel, Zack and Gina. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of their lives, as they ultimately become the targets of the homicidal brothers and their taste for blood


The film opens as we see clips of the countryside while the song Turkey in the Straw is playing. We then see a girl wake up in a dirty room, hands tied. Bobby Shaw Carver walks in and picks up a hand saw and the girl pleads for her life. Next, Bobby knocks her down and tortures her while a camera is filming it all. He then proceeds to cut her neck through with the handsaw. It then cuts to the two brothers-Pete and Bryan-driving through the woods and stopping at the QG bar, in there, they find Zack and Rachel. The owner, Billy Hall, askes them if they would retrive some items from their storehouse in the woods, which they-reluctantly-oblige. In the storehouse, they find dozens of cheap homemade snuff films, one entitled The Darkside of Love. While they watch, bryan says he cannot take it and leaves the room.