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Bobby was the secondary antagonist in the Chick Tract entitled "The Last Generation".

The Last Generation

In "The Last Generation", the comic is set in the far future where the Earth was going through the Seven Tribulations described in the Book of Revelation. There is a dictatorial movement called the Healers that run the world and attempted to convert the Earth into worshiping the Mother Goddess and if the people of Earth refused this conversion, they would either be sent to a mental camp or executed on the spot. The main family that the comic focused on had a child named Bobby who was taught witchcraft and heresy at school, and the next day, he was offered a big prize if he turned anyone he knew that was a Christian over to them. He asks his grandfather about Jesus, and he then turns him over to the Healers. The attempt to break his spirit failed, and they ultimately disposed of his body. Bobby's family soon escaped the Healers, and they were raptured up.

As you can probably tell due to how this universe works, Bobby most likely died and was sent to Hell. The end.