Bob the Goon

Robert Hawkens, also known as Bob or Bob the Goon, is a villain from the Batman series, and the right hand man of The Joker in Tim Burton's hit 1989 film Batman. He was an original character created for that film though he proved to be very popular. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.

He is played by actor Tracey Walter.


Bob was the best friend of Jack Napier long before he had the accident that changed him into The Joker, even that change didn't affect Bob's loyalty and he stood by his friend as the second in command of his criminal empire, rarely speaking, Bob had few lines and usually stayed in the shadows, though he was by far one of the best friends a psycho like the Joker could have. Bob proved himself one of the few henchmen to almost put up a fight with Batman in a scene where he tried to kill Batman with a gun and several other goons, but Batman defeated the thugs and Bob's bullets had no effect on him, as he was wearing a bullet proof armor.

Bob met his end near the end of the film when the Joker said: "Bob, gun." Bob did as he was told, handing him his firearm, only for the Joker to shoot him in the chest and kill him, as he needed someone to take his anger out on because Batman foiled his plan to gas Gotham City. 


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