You know what Greasers are? White trash with long greasy hair.
~ Bob Sheldon

Robert "Bob" Sheldon is an antagonist in The Outsiders. He is one of the Socs.

He was portrayed by Leif Garrett.

Appearence and Personality

Bob has dark brown curly hair. Like all Socs, he wears dress pants with a button-up shirt and button-up Jacket. He also has a Mustang like most Socs

Bob expresses a hatred for Greasers, especially for being a Soc leader. Whether this is out conformity or a personal reason is unknown.


Movie Drive-In

Bob pulls up with his friends, including Randy Adderson, in his Mustang. He and his friends are infuriated to discover that Greasers Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit have befriended their Girlfriends, Cherry and Marcia. The girls defuse the situation by going with the Socs.

The Park

Bob pulls up to the park, seeing that Ponyboy and Johnny are alone at an hour where other Greasers wouldn't be around to help them. Bob comments to them to them that Greasers are nothing more than white trash. In retaliation, Ponyboy calls Socs white trash with Mustangs and other nice things. Bob and his friends then chase down the two and start to drown Ponyboy. it takes all five of them to keep him down. Because of this, Johnny was able to get his knife out. Johnny then stabs and kills Bob Sheldon. It isn't known if Johnny intentionally meant to kill Bob or not.