Bob Morton
You are gonna be one bad motherfucker!
~ Bob to Murphy

Bob Morton is a villain of the 1987 science fiction action film, Robocop.

He was portrayed by the late Miguel Ferrer.


An OCP executive, who uses the opportunity of a boardroom to persuade The Old Man to green light his Robocop Program, this gets Dick Jones, senior president, upset. After Murphy gets killed by Clarence Broddicker, criminal and villain, and his gang, Morton oversees the creation of Robocop and didn't like that bathe surgical team saved his arm and giving them a reminder that their terms are total body prosthesis and then proceed with the surgery. He congratulates Robocop and is happy with Robocop and his abilities.

Then Morton becomes the vice president and gives a fast speech on TV. Then later in one of the OCP bathrooms, Morton talks very bad about Jones, which scares away everyone else in the bathroom except Morton, who is confronted by Jones, who starts off polite and then turns mean and grabs Morton's hair and says, you just fucked with the wrong guy, which makes Morton scared and angry at the same time. After the confrontation, Morton gets a call from the OCP science team about Robocop's problem and him leaving the building and screams at Lewis for asking RoboCop's name. Then days later at Morton's home, Morton is partying with women and then gets a visitor at his door, which is Broddicker, who orders the women to go and then shoots Morton.

Broddicker then plays a disc of Jone's vile message of he is going to destroy Morton and then Broddicker puts a grenade with a timed countdown in Morton's house, which ends Morton's life.