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Villain Overview
…so help me God.
~ Bob Ewell's first quote in the novel.
Too proud to fight, you n*gger-lovin' bastard?
~ Bob trash talking Atticus.

Robert Edward Lee "Bob" Ewell is the main antagonist of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and its 1962 film adaptation. He is the irresponsible and selfish leader of the Ewell clan, who seeks to become a hero in the eyes of Maycomb County by incriminating Tom Robinson and having him thrown in jail.

He is portrayed by the late James Anderson in the film adaptation.


Bob Ewell is the patriarch of the Ewell clan, a large family of degenerates best known for only coming to school on the first day and then never showing up again. He is a raging alcoholic who takes very poor care of his family and only feeds them by hunting local wildlife. He also has no respect for others, just as Maycomb County has no respect for him.

During the story, he beats his daughter Mayella, and frames a black man named Tom Robinson for beating up and raping Mayella, who faces a possible death sentence, hoping that Maycomb County would consider him a hero for doing so. At the trial, Tom is defended by Atticus Finch, who makes a strong case for the defendant and exposes a number of flaws in Mayella’s story which makes people suspicious of Bob, although Tom is officially found guilty due to the unfair racial bias of the court system.

Though he was successful at convicting Tom Robinson, he gets angry at Maycomb County for still not respecting him. Later, Bob Ewell swears revenge on Atticus for defaming him, and spits in his face, and even harasses Helen Robinson, Tom’s widow after Tom tragically dies while trying to escape from prison before an appeal could be made; however, Link Deas, Tom's former employer, threatens to throw Bob in jail if he ever harasses her again.

Ewell still wishes to get revenge on Atticus Finch for what he managed to prove in court. At the climax of the book, Ewell returns and tries to personally hurt Atticus by attempting to kill Scout and Jem while they are walking home through the woods, but is thwarted when Boo Radley shows up to save them, killing him in the process. The next day, in order to keep Boo out of jail, Mr. Tate attempts to cover up the truth about Ewell's death by making it seem like he had accidentally stabbed himself during the struggle.