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Now, we can do some more pleasurable things together, Mary...
~ Boaris's phrase to Mary
Boaris is a character and the secondary antagonist of the sidescrolling adventure game made by Accha, Dreaming Mary. He is one of the four characters (the other being Penn Guindel, Foxanne, and Bunnilda) in Mary/Mari's Dream World, and the one representing her father or her brother.


When Mary first arrives into his garden, Boaris, like the rest of the characters of the Dream World, says that he missed her, refers to her as his "darling", and says: "Isn't this place beautiful? And it's all for you, dear.", implying that he was responsible for making the Dream World.

After Mary visits all the characters and returns to Boaris's garden, he asks her to bring three seeds from them and return to him so they could go deeper into the dreams. However, when Mary asks them about the seeds, Penn, Foxanne and Bunnilda react with fear, thinking she would leave the dream world, and, in order to get the seeds, Mary has to win their tests (answering Bunnilda's question about who was Adonis' lover, playing a hide-and-seek game with Foxanne, and answering who was Ana's book dedicated to to Penn Guindel). If she loses, she has to give them one of her lily petals. Since lily petals are symbolical for innocence, that would imply that Foxanne, Bunnilda and Penn are stealing her innocence.

When Mary returns to Boaris, he asks her to give him one of her petals in order to get a seed from him. Depending on the player's actions, Mary can give it to Boaris or not. If player does the latter, Boaris reacts with surprise, and asks her to rethink this decision, saying that she deserves his seed. If Mary still does not give her petal, he reacts with shock, after which he says to her, with rage:

Fine. Do what you want. There's nothing for you left to do. You've already played all the games.

Boaris' reaction to Mary's refusal to give up one of her lily petals.

If Mary chooses to have the seed, she goes into the door with the four holes and the credits scene appears, with all her friends - however, Boaris is shown under the phrase "The Beginning of a Nightmare" and above the "Good night, Mary", implying that he (or the father) sexually assaults her.

However, if Mary chooses to enter the hidden door in the wall, she can hear that someone is calling her, and finds a blank white room with a painting and a bowl with a sea angel. Depending on the actions of the player, Mary can break it, and the sea angel floats away. Mary follows the sea angel into her bedroom. If she touches the painting in the bedroom, a nightmarish version of the room is revealed, with the painting replaced by a hole. If she has the Gold Leaf Key, she can open the locked door, and, in order to get the good ending, it is necessary to have the Gold Leaf Key. In the living room, under the penguin doll (Penn Guindel's representation) there is a note, with someone named Ana thanking Glenn for help. Since Ana is implied to be Mari's mother, and Glenn is implied to be her uncle (and Penn Guindel), it is possible that Boaris, one of the representations of Mari's father, might have been opposing Glenn.

In the nightmarish version of the bedroom, a monstrous shadow (who is implied to be Mari's father) chases Mari, and, if Mari manages to escape the shadow into the red painting, she appears in a hallway, with the sea angel swimming. She then finds a blue room with a tree and a door with three rusty locks. If she has three rusty keys, she appears in what is supposed to be the real world, and has a different design. If she has the Gold Leaf Key, she can unlock the door and escape. However, the credits to this ending imply that she might be still dreaming....

Physical Appearance

Boaris is a humanoid, slim boar in a red-brown shirt and brown pants. He has what appears to be a beard of fur on his neck. He also has red eyes, tusks and sharp teeth.


  • Boaris is one of the two representations of Mary's father (the other being the shadow), and the representation in the Dream World.