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~ One of James's delusional outbursts.
Now it's not like I have anyone to play it with anyways, because... Never mind.
~ James makes a reference to his dead friends.

NOTE: This article is based on the possibility of Board James being the killer in the Dream Phone video. For the possibility of the Dream Phone being the real killer and the ordeal cost James' his sanity, click here.

Board James is a character portrayed and written by James Rolfe, who is also the creator and writer of the Angry Video Game Nerd. Board James is from the online series with the same name, where he reviews several nostalgic board games (whether they be good or bad) and is usually accompanied by Motherfucker Mike, his dastardly cheating friend, and Bad Luck Bootsy, an extremely unlucky board gamer.

Despite the fact James is usually depicted as an ordinary man reviewing board games in a comedic, scripted style, he has had a pair of two outbursts and even committed two cases of delusional murder. Also, though Mike can be considered the show's main antagonist for his slanderous ways, he is simply cheating on a board game, while James is committing actual crimes that'll equal two life sentences in prison.

Villainous Side

Let's finish our game! Y'see, I always thought Hangman was an odd concept, how the body parts appear one by one onto the gallows pole... The only real way to play it would be backwards.
~ Board James as he shows his dark side by torturing Bootsy.

In the episode Dream Phone where he, Bootsy, and Mike play with the board game with the same name, James apparently hallucinates that the phone in the game is alive and is literally trying to murder him, as it already brutally killed his two friends. However, at the end of the episode, it is revealed that it was all just in James' broken mind and in reality, he was the murderer. The cops later arrive and James is rightfully arrested for life.

However, in an Angry Video Game Nerd video, where the Nerd is reviewing fan-made games about him, Board James arrives and tells him about an AVGN Monopoly game. After explaining all of its gimmicks, the Nerd questions James on how he got out of his life sentence. James answers by saying he used a "Get-Out-Of-Jail free card" (a main card in Monopoly that gets the player out of jail no matter what) with a quirky smile. But the Nerd still points out at the facts that he murdered his friends in cold blood, angering James and making him barge out of the room after swearing the gamer out, claiming "it was the fuckin' phone!".


Board James' return

In the latest Board James videos, Omega Virus and Lie Detector respectively, Board James' much darker side is shown. He makes references to the murders and his punishment multiple times throughout the video, and he claims he now has no one to play with anymore (with added ominous music). He reviews the board game from different camera angles, but near the end of the video the virus takes over, and it's revealed that the Board James were actually robots. The real James then enters and defeats them.

In Lie Detector, while Board James plays the game, the witnesses start giving clues pointing towards him. Eventually, the suspects start fingering him and at the end two options are given for the outcome: True or False. In the true ending, Board James continues claiming it was not him and replies "there's only two people he wants to hear from" and two voices are heard; saying Aw shucks! and then laughter. In the false ending, Board James thinks there might be a conspiracy, or "some kind of presence" and that he intends to prove it. The video then fades out with the Ouija box highlighted, suggesting the outcome may end up with Board James contacting the spirits of his friends to hear their testimony.

In the next video, Ouija/Domino Rally, Board James attempted to contact the spirits of Bootsy and Mike with the Ouija Board while reviewing it. Seemingly a failure, Board James decides to play with Domino Rally while reviewing it until the planchette knocks the dominoes down and hit the board spelling, "Ah Shucks!" Knowing it was Bootsy, Board James resumed using the Ouija board and opened a portal to the spirit world and came under attack by Mr. Bucket and the Dream Phone holding a gun. However by a stroke of luck, Board James is rescued by Elvis Presley who defeats the two and plays Hangman with James. Realizing that Elvis cheated by using a mirror, James knew that Elvis was really Motherfucker Mike and sees Rodney Dangerfield as Bootsy. All three then grab the planchette and James sends them all the the world of the living, resurrecting his friends. When he asks them about the murders, the two tell him it's all in the past and would never need to talk about it again. James ends the video by staring into the camera saying, "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" and laughs.

Board James = The Nerd = The Hang Man?

In the Full House & Urkel Games episode, several hints of a connection between The Nerd and Board James are made such as Motherfucker Mike remarking that Board James is "such a nerd" when he mentions he looked up to Urkel, which causes Board James to give Motherfucker Mike an angered look.

In the Video Games !! episode, Board James does a review of various board games based on video games, with The Nerd showing up and criticizing Board James for choosing to play those over the real thing. Over the course of the review, Board James' personality begins to resemble the aggressive personality of The Nerd and at the end, he sees The Nerd as his reflection in the mirror and reminds Board James that he will always be a nerd. He then puts on his glasses and is seen wearing The Nerd's signature outfit as he tosses his hat on a table and walks out into the living room where he sits on the couch and begins to play a game.


Board James after revealing his true, sadistic nature.

In the 13 Dead End Drive episode, as Motherfucker Mike and Bootsy are fleeing from James who is attempting to murder them when they see his portrait show up on the picture frame of the board game, they stumble across a box of newspaper articles in the attic discussing a mass murderer known as the Hang Man. The article reads as follows: "The killer connected to the mass murders has been found. A storage unit of dead bodies found recently was the can of worms that the case opened up. The storage unit was full of board games and now corpses too. The clues were presented by old crime partners Mikey and Boris." Eventually, the three all die from hanging (with Bootsy accidentally hanging himself as a play on his character being a jinx) and the conclusion shows the Hang Man (who bears a striking resemblance to Board James except for his hair being longer) sitting in his prison cell reading instructional manuals for different board games such as Wacky Blasters, Omega Virus, Dragon Strike and Tornado Rex. Two fellow inmates (who sound like Bootsy and Motherfucker Mike) yell at him to keep his voice down as they are trying to sleep with the episode ending with him doing the Nerd's trademark scowl at the camera.

In the "Nightmare" episode, the Hang Man's execution can be seen and it was confirmed by James Rolfe in a bonus episode explaining that particular episode and the Board James mythology that Board James is the reincarnation of Hang Man, who enters the Dragon Strike world after his execution.