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Bo-Kane was a minor villain and a major Newark crime boss—a foul-mouthed, angry, obnoxious one at that, in the hit movie New Jersey Drive.

He was portrayed by Heavy D.

Worried that Midget's stupidity might be attracting police attention, he angrily threatens Midget: "Thsi is not a fucking drag strip, know what I'm saying? This is my groove. DON'T FUCK WITH MY GROOVE, NIGGA! Understand what I'm telling you? I'm sick and tired of you punks coming around with this bullshit. This is not a fucking car race. Take that shit back to Avon Street, faggot. [Jason talks] Yeah bounce mothafucka, bounce or get bounced bum. Broke ass niggas, you watch yourself, you trick ass bitch! You watch yourself..." to which Midget replies, "Why don't you get a job mothafucka? Be all you can be."

He might be the one who tried to murder Jason and Midget, in one scene, where a drive-by shooting happens, given that Midget angers him by disrespecting him at the end, but their identities are not shown. It might have been that Gomez (the director of this movie) was just making a point of the brutal reality of hood life.

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