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Bluey the Walrus is a walrus and is a resident of Timber's Island.

Diddy Kong Racing/DS

In Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS, he is the boss and guardian of Snowflake Valley and the second boss by total in-game.

In the game, Bluey, along with Tricky, Bubbler and Smokey were brainwashed by the evil Wizpig.

When challenged, the player rides a hovercraft down a mountain against Bluey. He is shown to be a quick racer. During the course, his course features two icy tunnels rolling snowballs that can squish the players if they successfully run over the player. When defeated, he is temporarily freed from his brainwash.

After doing all four Silver Coin races in the domain, he is under mind control again and the player must race him again. There are no extra hazards in this race but Bluey moves much faster than before. When defeated again, he is fully freed from the brainwashing effects and gives the player a piece of the Wizpig Amulet as a thanks.

In the remake, he is more challenging than in the original. This is because he switches order with Bubbler, making him te 3rd boss rather than the 2nd.

Like the other bosses, Bluey will start the race before the countdown is finished, giving him a slight advantage.


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