Bluenose the Naval Tug

Bluenose is a navy tug on the children's television series "TUGS." He plays precisely by the rules and acts as a kind of stereotypical army sergeant towards the other tugs. He is annoying, bossy, pompous, and self-centred. He is notorious for putting orders before common sense. Bluenose also appears in TUGS footages in Salty's Lighthouse.

About Bluenose

As mentioned earlier, Bluenose is an extremely arrogant and rude tugboat with a stereotypical drill sergeant type of attitudes. Bluenose also assigns the tugs to haul highly dangerous ammunitions to be taken and loaded onto a freighter.


Bluenose's engine stops working during a fire on the harbor and he was left in shock. Ten Cents rescues Bluenose and is safe. Grampus the submarine arrives and takes Bluenose away for his bad behavior. He is most likely punished severely by the Navy for the attempted murder of Grampus, bullying and harassing the other tugs and starting the fire on the harbor.