250px-Blue Alien

A member of the Blueberry aliens

Blueberry aliens is a name given to an unnamed alien species from the Television series Stargate Universe.


Their average height seems to be comparable to humans. They are bipedal, like humans, but with digitgrade locomotion. They also have a pair of fish-like barbels on either side of their heads, beneath their eyes. Their eyes seem to glow or reflect large amounts of light. Physically, they appear to be somewhat weaker than humans, as the professor Nicholas Rush was able to overpower and strangle one without much effort. They communicate with each other in clicks and screeches. Based on their appearance and the ubiquity of water on their vessel, they may be an aquatic (or at least an amphibious) species. The atmosphere on their ships is comfortable for humans, so they are also clearly capable of breathing oxygen. They possess spaceships such as fighters and FTL-capable motherships. They also possess technology that allows them to probe the minds of others. The device allows them to quickly learn basic information and understand the language of the probed being. It is likely they learned some English from Rush, allowing them to transmit messages in English, though they are apparently unable to speak it themselves. They keep prisoners restrained in water-filled tanks.


They are first encountered by the crew onboard the spaceship Destiny wich belonged to a pre-Human race called Ancients wich travelles through the unknown universe, the aliens want Destiny for themselfs but the crew fights them back until they have the chance to jump into hiperspace.