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Blueberry is a soldier in the Planet Trade Organization and an antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. He is the partner of Raspberry.


Alongside his partner Raspberry, Blueberry was among the Frieza Soldiers sent to recover the Dragon Balls after they were taken by Vegeta. During their search, they encountered Bulma, who was in possession of one of the balls.

They then interrogate Bulma for the location of the other Dragon Balls. Bulma then reveals to the pair that bringing the seven Dragon Balls together results in getting a wish wanted. Though, Raspberry, finds the idea preposterous, Blueberry is intrigued by the idea of Frieza no longer being able to "boss [them] around."

The two then demand she take them to the rest of the Dragon Balls, convinced she knows where they are. Bulma tries to trick them by telling the two that the Dragon Balls are hidden deep beneath the sea and takes them to a cavern, which is actually nest for a giant crab and its offspring.

Blueberry and Raspberry mistake the crabs for thousands of Dragon Balls, but the giant crab soon appears and attacks them. Bulma escapes but is pursued by Blueberry and Raspberry. However, the giant crab then appears and grabs the two, dragging them back down below.


  • He is named after the Blueberry fruit.
  • He has the appearance of an alligator and/or dog.

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