Even if my opponent is God, as long as there's a hole, I'll pierce it with my spear!
~ Bluebeard

Bluebeard is a character from the album Märchen. A figure from the fairytale named after him, he appears as the assailant of one of the girls singing of her revenge, the previous wife of his, who bears a grudge against him after he kills her.


Although he gained the moniker due to his surprising facial hair, the deeper connotations reveal an insight to his character. Blue is associated with emptiness and frost, implying his detachment and apathy. Beards, also, evoke the more animalistic qualities of humans, foreshadowing his capacity for brute violence.


An older man, his appearance is defined by his unusually colored beard. He wears a fur coat over dark clothing, and notably carries a ring of keys with him.


Appearing only in the song Aoki Hakushaku no Shiro, he is described as at once kind and mysterious by his former wife. Presumably, he has previously been involved in a war, and may have been psychologically affected by the bloodshed he witnessed and participated in then. He kills his first wife and several after that, a killing spree that begins for reasons he himself cannot even identify. He eventually meets his fate at the hands of his last wife's brothers, who come to rescue her as he is about to murder her for going back on her word and discovering the corpses of his previous victims.