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"Yo' a$$ is mine, Norbit!"
~ - Blue Latimore

Blue Latimore is one of the tertiary antagonists of Norbit. He is the second born son of the notorious Latimore family and and the middle brother of Rasputia.

He was portrayed by Lester "Rasta" Speight.


He and his brothers were the meanest men in town of Boiling Springs, Tennessee, who have been bribing and threatening people who even paid for protection and other things.

They meet Rasputia's childhood sweetheart Norbit and welcomed him into their family.

Years later, he and his brothers tried to own Mr. Wong's orphanage where Norbit was raised and grew up there, and turn into their own stripclub called Nippolpolis to make money off of it.

They enlisted a fellow crook by the name Deion Hughes who was engaged to Norbit's old girlfriend Kate Thomas.

Fortunately they all failed when Norbit stopped the wedding and even brought Deion's ex-wifes and their children as evidence of his deceit. They later tried to kill Norbit for that, they later being attacked by an angry mob of the very townspeople who were haressed by the Latimores for years.