The Blue Ape-like Genus are major antagonists in Ivan Reitman's 2001 film Evolution, despite they appear relatively late in the film.


They are the most evolved, humanoid and intelligent aliens seen in the movie, and also the only mammals. They are able to use an elevator and they also seems to understand the cameras' functions. They are also incredibly violent, especially toward humans. They possess great strength, can jump very high and are quite durable, but not bulletproof.

Blue Ape-like aliens are essentially the ancestors of SCOPES, main antagonists of TV Series adaptation of the movie, Alienators: Evolution Continues.


These Aliens are the most advanced creatures among the alien organisms identified as (Genus in TV Series adaptation of the film) arrived on Earth inside a meteorite. They first appear when they destroy the military's cameras placed around the meteorite. Then, they use an elevator to go in a military base, though it was a lure. Two of them emerge from the ground and attack many humans, including one of the protagonist. After a fight, one of the two is finally killed by a gun while the other flees into the ground after having cast a man inside.

They later appear near the end of the film when the protagonists come into their hideout, but before attacking them they are all crushed by the Giant Amoeba.