Blue is one of the villains of Ginga Densetsu Weed. He is a dog who lives in some mountains near a city with his two minors, Ned and Bell.

He is voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya.


He have scar on his left eye. It's unknown how he got scar from.


He takes stray pups in, acting nice and caring to them. But later, he forces them to steal food for him, and if they refuse, he kills them.


When Weed met the puppy Mel, he soon figured out that Blue had Mel under his command. Weed follows Mel to Blue, and Weed tells him what he is doing is wrong. Blue starts to fight, but Hook, GB, and Smith soon turn up. Hook fights Blue to avenge his brother, Kuro, that Blue killed.

Blue takes his escape over a fence out on a highway, and tells Weed he is going to meet Nero, but as he is laughing, he turns around, and is hit by a truck. Weed jumps over the fence to help Blue as another truck shows up. Blue grabs Weed by the neck and throws him as away to keep him from being hit by another truck.

Blue dies from his injuries. Before his death, he states that he wishes he could of met someone like Weed earlier in his life.