Sheriff Daryl Blubs and Deputy Edwin Durland are two officers for the local law enforcement team in the animated series Gravity Falls, and recurring characters throughout the show. They escalate to a major antagonist role in the episode "Irrational Treasure".


While the two aren't exactly considered outright villains, they do display some very grim and sarcastic traits that keep them from being actual good guys. In fact, they often deem every case unsolvable so that they can go to lunch instead. They also seem to take pleasure in throwing insults at Dipper and making fun of him. At the end of Gravity Falls finale, they show their romantic feelings for each other by expressing their love to each other. They are implied to be a couple.



  • Sheriff Blubs is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and Deputy Durland is voiced by Keith Ferguson.
  • It is commonly believed by the Gravity Falls fanbase that Blubs and Durland are actually in a homosexual relationship, with many different moments and interactions between the two providing evidence to support the theory.