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Members of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

The Bloodsail Bucaneers are a faction of bloodthirsty pirates in World Of Warcraft and the hated foes of the Booty Bay goblins - although normal hostile to players it is possible for players to becomes allies with these swashbuckling scoundrels: at a heavy price however as it requires killing many goblins and a lot of grinding (even more so if one dares to attempt an achievement known as "Insane In The Membrane).

As for the Bloodsail Bucaneers themselves, they are basically what you would expect of pirates - looting and pillaging is a way of life for these criminals and as stated above they loath the Booty Bay faction above all else, come the release of Cataclysm it is expected that rivalry between the two factions will increase even further with the Bloodscail Bucaneers all but declaring all-out war on Booty Bay.

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