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The Blood-goyles

The Blood-goyles

Blood-goyles (ブルードゴイレス, Buruudogoiresu) are demonic, living gargoyles with bodies entirely composed of blood and lesser demon enemies in Devil May Cry 3, and these lesser devils are created when blood touches certain enchanted statues. They are first encountered in the halls of Temen-ni-gru when Jester fills a stone fountain with blood, which animates the ornamental statues in it. The blood left behind after Dante knocks one into a wall forms the number 5.


Blood-goyles have bat-like wings, long tails, legless bodies, and grotesque faces with beak-like noses. Blood-goyles split in half when hit with melee weapons, but modern-day weapons such as guns will actually cause them to temporarily revert into statues. They can be found in both a regular and a "giant" size, which splits into regular Blood-goyles and is slightly slower.



  • Blood-goyles appeared in the Devil May Cry 3 manga.

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