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Blonde Woman 24

This unnamed blonde woman (simply credited as Blonde Woman) was a minor villainess in the eighth and final season of 24. She appeared in two episodes; her first being a brief appearance helping to place the captured Omar Hassan—the President of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan—into the trunk of a car. In her second appearance, it is revealed that she does have a daughter, who is carried to safety after Jack Bauer and Renee Walker enter their apartment. She also appeared to be pregnant with another child. The Blonde Woman senses Jack getting too close to the operation, and prepares to shoot Renee with a concealed gun. However, Renee sees this and kills her with a single shot.

The Blonde Woman was played by Nazanin Boniadi. Boniadi later appeared as recurring villainess Adnan Salif in several episodes of the ABC series, Scandal.

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