Michael Baer (Earth-616) from X-Man Vol 1 13

Blockbuster was the super-strong member of the Marauders involved in the massacre of the Morlocks. He helped Harpoon and Sabretooth ravage Angel's wings before encountering Thor. During a brief and vicious battle, Blockbuster succeeded in breaking Thor's right arm. However, Thor violently hurled his enchanted hammer Mjolnir at Blockbuster and killed him.

A clone of Blockbuster was used by Mister Sinister when the Marauders destroyed the Xavier Institute.

During the track of Threnody and X-Man, he was killed by Arclight, lured into attacking him by Grey's illusions.

He was seemingly cloned again and continued to serve Sinister until he was killed during their raid into Alaska in search of Hope Summers.

Somehow, he came back to life again and rejoined the Marauders gathered by Da'o Coy Manh seemingly against his will as the others, and attacked the X-Men. He was eventually found fleeing out, terrified, but was killed by Warbird before Wolverine could stop her, as he wanted information.

Television History

X-Men: The Animated Series

Michael Baer (Earth-92131)

Blockbuster is among the mutants that move in to Asteroid M.

He later appeared in Magneto's army.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Michael Baer (Earth-8096)

Blockbuster appears in the Wolverine and the X-Men episode "eXcessive Force" as a member of Sinister's Marauders. After Archangel abducted both Jean and Scott, the X-Men fought the Marauders including Blockbuster. He fought Wolverine and was defeated by him with the conjunction of his co-members' powers.

Videogame History

Michael Baer (Earth-TRN284) 001

Blockbuster met his fellow Marauders, Arclight and Vertigo, in the sewers of New York after the two villainesses saved Chance White from Deadpool, and brought him to their leader Mr. Sinister.

After White informed his satellites were now under Sinister's control, the evil mutant ordered Blockbuster to kill him, as he was no longer useful. Unknown to Sinister and his Marauders, Deadpool had been watching them and confronted Sinister for killing White. Vertigo and Blockbuster both tried to stop him, but Deadpool killed Vertigo by shooting her in the head, and he knocked out Blockbuster. Deadpool was ripped apart by Sinister, who proceeded to leave the scene along Blockbuster, announcing that Genosha awaited them.

Both Deadpool and the X-Men followed Mr. Sinister to the island. When Deadpool accidentally crashed his modified flying Sentinel boot in mid-air with Rogue, both fell to an abandoned prison. Blockbuster kidnapped Rogue and brought her to an arena, where he would fight and kill her for Sinister's entertainment. Deadpool confronted Blockbuster and killed him before he rescued Rogue.

Later, Mister Sinister cloned Arclight, Vertigo, and Blockbuster, and sent them to kill Deadpool, but Deadpool defeated all three of them.

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