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The Blizzard Lord and the Volcanic Lord are minor villains in the video game Kingdom Hearts II. They are a pair of Emblem Heartless that serve Pete, while he was in Agrabah.


When Sora and his friends were chasing down Pete in Agrabah, they found out that he was searching for Jafar's magic lamp. They managed to catch up to him at the Palace Gates. In desperation to escape and to acquire the Lamp, Pete summoned two Emblem Heartless known as the Blizzard Lord and the Volcanic Lord and sent them to attack Sora and his friends. The two elemental Heartless attack Sora and his friends with fire and ice based attacks. The two Heartless however, were quickly defeated by Sora and his friends. Without his prize, Pete retreated while shouting threats against them.

Despite the two Heartless being defeated, both of them later appear while Sora and his friends were attending the Hades Paradox Cup.

Powers and Abilities

Blizzard Lord

The Blizzard Lord is a Heartless that can generate ice-based attacks. It can attack with it's staff, can generate ice crystals, blow ice from anywhere, and even freeze it's enemies.

Volcanic Lord

The Volcanic Lord is a Heartless that can generate fire-based attacks. It can attack with it's staff, can generate fire balls, leap around and create firespots on the ground, and even burn  it's enemies.



  • The Blizzard and Volcanic Lords are very similar to Kotake and Koume from the Legend of Zelda series.
    • Both Koume and the Volcanic Lord wield fire, while Kotake and the Blizzard Lord wield ice.
    • Both teams partner with each other to fight the main protagonist.
    • Both teams fight the protagonist in a desert-like level.
    • Both teams serve an antagonist.

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