Blitz is a supervillain from Marvel comics who fought against Spider-Man and Bloodrose.


Blitz's origins are unrevealed. At some point she joined the criminal New Enforcers.

After the New Enforcers had hired the Foreigner to kill Bloodrose, Blitz and Eel went to the Foreigner's office to purge it of evidence incriminating them. Spider-Man had come as well to get some evidence of his own, and Blitz and Eel attacked him. Spider-Man fought Blitz and Eel until he managed to get Eel to accidentally electrocute Blitz.

The Vanisher teleported Blitz away from Spider-Man. Later, when Bloodrose tracked the New Enforcers down to their headquarters, Blitz, alongside her teammates, attacked and disarmed him. However, Spider-Man came to the rescue in his new high tech armor and managed to defeat all the super villains present. Blitz was then arrested by the police.