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Blister is one of the main antagonists (alongside Zzub and Fear) of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode "Clone Rangers". He is a kid clone of Booster.


Through the efforts of tiny Hornet mosquito robots, Emperor Zurg was able to obtain blood samples from Buzz, Mira, and Booster, in hopes of creating his new army called the Clone Rangers, who will be similar to their host counterparts but evil in nature. After getting his Brain Pods to put the finish touch in the cloning process, Zurg awaits for his clones to come out from their tubes, only to learn in horror that they're in their early ages. Noticing that Team Lightyear has a robot named XR, Blister demands for a robot, but Zurg refuses until Zzub angrily kicks him in the shin. Zurg tries to offer several of his Hornets to pacify the children, but they just destroy them in return, much to his anger. Zurg tries to get the kids back into their tubes, but they just escaped, planning to kidnap XR and use his parts to create their own robot.

The Clone Rangers manage to kidnap XR and bring him to their ship, where they plan to dissect him for his parts to make their robot. After evading Team Lightyear through a comet's tail, the Clone Rangers head over to the planet Carny World, where they use XR's mechanics to built their own robot X-Treme. Breaking XR into pieces, the Clone Rangers play a game using XR's head as a ball. However, Team Lightyear catches up to them and manages to save XR and rebuilt him before trapping the kids. To that end, Buzz tricks Blister into touching some taffy which turns out to be a strong adhesive that makes it impossible to break out. Feara, Zzub, Blister, and X-Treme are then captured and incarcerated in Star Command. They are last seen sleeping in their cell before attempting to break out.

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