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Didn't I tell you I was gonna destroy this mothaf**ka if you didn't get it together?
~ Blinky to Black Cat.

Blinky is one of the main antagonists of the YouTube series, Politicats (alongside Grey Cat). He is the tyrannical ruler of Mars and the superior of the protagonist, President Black Cat. He is also responsible for Black Cat getting elected president.


Blinky is first seen when Black Cat reports to him, with Blinky inquiring what happened to him and stating he was much cooler when he first found him. Blinky then states that Earth "is going down just like Pluto" if Black Cat doesn't do something.

Black Cat is later seen talking to Blinky again. Blinky threatens to destroy Earth with his armada if Black Cat doesn't do something to get up in the polls.

Later, Blinky suddenly appears in the Oval Office, stating that he is glowing to blow up the planet and summoning his Martian Armada.

However, Black Cat's Vice President, Fuzzy, gets offended by Blinky's defamatory and rude comments towards Black Cat and kicks Blinky in the eyeball on his belly, causing him to die and fade away as the victory music from Final Fantasy plays.