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Blind Cave Ogres are an enemy creature found in Dwarf Fortress.
Blind Cave Ogres are huge, violent cavern-dwelling humanoid monsters with a gaping mouth with many sharp teeth. It has no eyes and only two digits on each hand and foot.
They are highly aggressive and will gleefully destroy anything that isn't a wall or a fortification between them and your dwarves. Blind Cave Ogres will arrive at your fortress in groups of one to three mayhem-minded individuals, and despite being blind are quite capable of sensing exactly where your doors are. They also appear to be able to swim as they do not drown in 7/7 water.
The Blind Cave Ogre's propensity for destruction can be used against it. If you would like to capture one for use in a cunning plan, lay down some cage traps in a narrow passage guarding access to your main fortress and the ogres will soon be caught.