The Blefuscians are the (former) secondary antagonists of the 2010 version of Gulliver's Travels. They are Lilliput's mortal enemies.


The Blefusicans are Blefuscu's inhabitants and they have been at war with Lilliput for many years. They are first seen preparing to kidnap Princess Mary (Emily Blunt) and kill King Theodore (Billy Connolly). They send men into Lilliput by swimming through the water and into the castle. They manage to get into the castle tying up the Princess and setting one of the castle's room on fire while the king is in it. They are however subdued by a giant named Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) who saves the Princess by throwing the kidnappers into a fountain and saves the king by urinating on the fire. They are next seen in a fleet of boats preparing to attack Lilliput when General Edward turns off the defense systems, but they are stopped by Gulliver who takes the ships away from Lilliput. Fed up with Gulliver's presence, General Edward comes to the king of Blefuscu offering an alliance and a plan to take down Gulliver with a robot from Gulliver's Magazine. The Blefuscians and Edward build the robot and bring it to Lilliput where they defeat Gulliver, exile him to Brobdingnag, take over Lilliput and rename it New Blefuscu. They also help Edward capture Darcy Silverman. When Gulliver comes back to Lilliput and challenges Edward to a duel. The Blefuscians put new electric guards on the robot. But Gulliver manages to defeat Edward and the robot. When Blefuscu and Lilliput prepare to fight each other. Gulliver manages to get them to make peace with each other and become one island nation.